Friday, May 30, 2014

Greek God Blog Post


   My god is named "Zeus". Zeus was the god of the sky and the ruler of the olympian gods. zeus caused rain,drought,and both good and bad weather. Zeus had control over nature , leader of all gods, and he had two brothers.What made this god powerful and respected was, he had power of lightning. 
  My opinion why I chose this god was because he's has the power over lighting and everyone was scared/ liked him. I would fear of this god because he was violent when something didn't go his way or when he didn't get what he wanted. Zeus's greatest weakness was he couldn't control himself around woman, and his greatest strength was he defeated the titans.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

free style blog

                                 What I Remember From 2013

     The one most important  thing  i remember from 2013 is when Paul Walker died in the horrific car accident.When i heard Paul Walker died i was really upset because he was one of my favorite actors in"Fast n Furious" all 6 of them. Paul Walker was born in California in September 12,1973. Paul was a film actor and a television actor.Paul Walker has a quote, its; I live by go big or go home. That's with everything. Its like either commit and go for it or don't do it at all.I apply to everything. I apply to relationships. I apply that to to like sports, I apply that to everything that's what i live by.That's how i like it.
    My opinion is, that Paul walker shouldn't have went 100mph. Also,i think that Paul Walker is a great driver but in a the movie"Fast and Furious", but on the outside of acting he shouldn't have went that fast.I think this is important for reader's to read because driving at a certain speed can cause a crash especially when not looking. Also this is important for readers because if they like Paul Walker and wants to know about his life and what he does. Paul Walker was an awesome actor and father. Paul Walker is my favorite actor in "Fast and Furious"
1.Paul Walker
Paul Walker and daughter 
     4.Paul Walker and the fast and furious  gang.

           To people reading this, please don't drink or drive, text while driving or even fall asleep while driving. Also pay a attention to the road.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

about Puerto Rico

                                   Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is also know in Spanish as "la isla del enchant" meaning "The island of Enchantment". Puerto Rico has over 270 miles of beaches, including  8 beaches that have been listed under the prestigious blue flag programme. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.The city was founded in 1508 by Juan Ponce de leon. Juan Ponce de leon discovered Florida and Puerto Rico.

    In my opinion, Puerto Rico is the most beautiful place ive ever seen.Puerto Rico has clear beautiful water and awesome beaches.  Some parts in Puerto  Rico are bad and some parts are good. I really love Puerto Rico. Theres a lot of things to do there. 

challenge; do you know how to speak Spanish? so here's a sentence in spanish
[lo importante es que hablen de ti, aunque sea bien..Which means [te important thing is that people talk about you, even if they speak well.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Secrets of Advertising

                          The Secrets Of Advertising Techniques

  Many techniques are used in advertising.Two of the techniques that the commercial below focuses on are emotional appeal and name calling.Emotional appeal is a technique that gives us a feeling of happiness,sadness,humor, ect...Name calling is a technique that is exactly what it sounds like:using negative words and bad names to create fear and dislike for people, ideas,or institutions.In the commercial we see emotional appeal used when the little girl saw her mom and she started crying and when her mom had to leave to get back to scrubbing the tub.This is technique works because it made me feel sad because I thought her mom was in jail and then when I saw she was in the tub i started laughing.We also see name calling used in the commercial used by, when it says at the end  "Don't spend your life cleaning" and then it shows the cleaning spray used..This is effective because it shows the spray used and it probably means that the "vim cream" is best to use when cleaning..

      M y Opinion:

I like this commercial because it always takes to long to clean the tub, and with this cream stuff, i think it actually works faster then regular cleaning supplies.The strategies make me want to buy this product because, when i clean it takes forever and scrubbing hurts your hand.So id like to buy this product because I don't want to take forever to clean.I think the targeted audience is adults 'cause, adults are in pain after they clean,and this product will help them with there pain.I think this commercial will make money because its faster then  usual cleaning supplies.

     Top Ten Videos:



Friday, October 4, 2013

“Crazy Croc On The Loose!!!!”

   110 million years ago,a monster roamed the earth.This monsterous croc scared dinosaurs all around.Whenever the croc saw prey,he ran and knocked over the animal.He/she jabbed his 132 teeth into the animal. At the length of 18 feet and weighed 8 tons, and its ancester is 40 feet long.The crocs favorite food was meat..The croc is man-eating monster.The croc scared the dinosaurs.He was really deadly.


In the article “SuperCroc” by Peter Winkler , him Winkler and his science team found super croc’s fossils in Niger Africa. The team measured how long Super Croc was.(and it came out to be 40 feet.)When i read and found out that Super croc was 40 feet long, weighed 8 tons and had 132 teeth ;i was really shocked because i never saw a croc that big. Also the croc weighed more than an African elephant.Also when i looked on this webiste

    top 10 Facts About Super Croc;

1. An adult super croc was at least 40 feet long.
2. Super croc skeleton was found 10 years ago.
3. Grew to be 40 feet long and 8 tons in weight.
4. Lived 110 millions of years ago.
5. The most fragile bone in the skull of the sarcosuchus imperator is the earbone(stape).
6. First skull found in 1965.
7.  Males are always larger than females.
8.  The sarcosuchus imperator has around 250 bones.
9.  The sarcosuchus imperator has about 65 vertebrae in the spinal column.
10. The number of bones in the skull of the Sarcosuchus imperator is about 50 in cranium (upper part)and 12 in the mandible (6 each side).


  If you want to see more interesting facts about super croc go to this website; if u want to see an awsome videos of super croc click below;